Of millions of people, only a few in a state of vague dissatisfaction will sense deep within, that their hearts yearn for a different kind of life.

These few people may not appear to be "unhappy". They may be leading very active lives, be well off and comfortably situated physically, but they will feel that beyond the routine of ordinary existence there must be SOMETHING ELSE!

If you are bothered by life’s accepted standard of ordinary living and feel there is something missing, you are not alone.

Eagle Literary Foundation is dedicated to those few who have found, and those few who sincerely want to find "Something Else".

Eagle Literary Foundation intertwines the rare threads of true wisdom from various sources, which are becoming more and more uncommon, to encourage them to become a real living strength within.

It helps individuals become teachable by something other than the inner nature that now leads our life. All are encouraged in many ways to apply higher wisdom so inner change may occur. 


“One must refuse to just read about it, refuse to just think about it, refuse to just talk about it! One must Know!”

Do you have a sensing that, beyond this routine of everyday living Something Else must exist? If you do we welcome you to investigate Eagle Literary Foundation. It will give you the clues you need for finding the wisdom which leads to healthier, happier living!

Eagle Literary Foundation is a non-profit foundation directed by Mark Butler. You can discover how to live the wholesome life for which we are all intended.

See our Calendar for seminars, meetings, and events in and around the Treasure Valley area.

Our Online Book & Audio Store features a selection of books from our catalogue by authors such as Vernon Howard, Guy Finley, P.D. Ouspensky, J. Krishnamurti, Maurice Nicoll, Paul Brunton, Tom Russell and Mark Butler.