11/25/98, Valley News; Will the Real Hate-Monger Please Stand Up

Will the real hate-monger please stand up?
By Mark L. Butler

With the overwhelming number of commentaries, letters to the editor, and public speeches and statements being made by individuals and groups asserting that this or that individual or group is guilty of “hate,” you can’t help but ask yourself, “Who is really guilty?”

It is the white, the black; the heterosexual, the homosexual; the Protestant, the Catholic; the Gentile, the Jew; the police, the civilian; the far right conservative, the far left liberal; all of the above; or none of the above?

Unfortunately, people are satisfied with a guilty verdict of “hate” being hurled upon an individual or group with little, if any, further investigation into finding out who the real hate-mongering individual is – behind the scene.

Hate mongering, and all ensuing atrocities, are a direct result of the “Ego” and its insane, ruthless, and incessant compulsion to value everything solely in reference to its own personal interest. People’s premature satisfaction with the guilty verdict comes because it is easy to see and combat an individual or group, whereas it takes a tremendous amount of effort and self-investigation to see, combat, and abolish the “Ego,” especially when it is our own.

The “Ego” is like an iceberg. Little is seen above the surface compared to what is hidden below. Sometimes we see shocking and dramatic destruction from an iceberg, like the sinking of the so-called unsinkable Titanic. Such a disaster is similar to a shocking large-scale social atrocity caused by the insanity of an obviously nefarious “Ego.” Usually, though, we only see an iceberg’s tip and don’t consider what is hidden under the surface.

This is similar to seeing depression, boredom, anger, and acts of revenge, and merely attributing such harmful behaviors to human nature, when in fact we should consider the disastrous power of violence that lies deep within a human being who does not question their participation in such ludicrous behavior. We further excuse and justify these actions within ourselves by saying things like, “Well, nobody’s perfect” or, “That person deserves it” – referring to the vengeful acts we so self-righteously inflict on others.

We don’t see that the tip of the iceberg is as much a part of the dangerous hidden mass beneath the sea as our own habitual behavior is part of the insane “Ego” that causes mass destruction and social chaos.

Isn’t the tip of the iceberg still a part of the iceberg? And, although it is a smaller part, isn’t it made up of exactly the same material as the larger mass? You can say the same thing about the “Ego”.

There is, however, a chief obstacle which blocks us from seeing the “Ego” as a criminal hate-monger. If people were to focus on such a fact they would have no choice but to conclude that almost every person on the planet would be partly responsible for contributing to hate. Oh no! That means I might be included. That is exactly why such an investigation seldom if ever occurs. Instead, we end up with endless accusations and society after society (as thousands of years of history has shown) that does not sustain a lasting quality lifestyle but merely swings from various levels of social morality, decency and individual responsibility, to war, filth and degeneration.

The good news is that an individual can change. You and I truly can be in this world and not be of it. We can, inwardly, come out from among them. If we have such an experience we will have no compulsion to prove it to others because we have deliberately decided to go though the terrifyingly wrenching experience of allowing our own “Ego” to crumble. Incidentally, only at a point after the death of the “Ego” can we experience New Birth. Anything short of that is egotistical imagination limiting us to a dreadful, non-everlasting and otherwise deluded life.

We should become equally repulsed with our own “Ego” actions as we are repulsed and horrified by the atrocities committed within society. Society cannot function on a higher level if individuals do not function on a higher level.

Let’s become individuals who question ourselves when we so quickly excuse and justify our destructive habitual behaviors, especially when the behavior results from someone offending our phony Precious Darling Feelings (i.e., “Ego).

This can provide our first glimpse into where we should hurl our guilty verdict of hate. After deliberately exposing ourselves to such a shocking reality, we can move forward with becoming better individuals contributing to a better society.


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