6/2008, HedraNews; The Inner Music of Truly Joyful Living

The Inner Music of Truly Joyful

The Inner Music of Truly Joyful Living
– or in other words –

We Are Not the Lie We Think We Are

By Mark Butler

Just as musical notes and chords can strike a joyful ring of harmony within, the same is also true when it comes to a person being in harmony with who they really are. We are not the lie we think we are. Only through a new and courageous move toward inner honesty can we be in harmony with “The Ring of Truth Within”, far above the current "suffering self-lie". An individual, with a persistent and sincere interest in living an inwardly healthy and happy life, can sense the deep meaning and value of that which is truly helpful. When it comes to the truth of ourselves a very small part of us knows it without question. Our only one worthwhile task on this planet is to encourage that part. Therein rests the harmony we seek. Therein rests real compassion.

The way of making room for what is real starts with becoming disillusioned with mechanical actions. These mechanical actions in part include things we do because of habit and conditioning as well as unquestioned routines and dogmas. So called moral behavior practiced through group pressure and not through individual understanding is another mechanical action we should investigate. When we merely follow mechanical ways of behavior we are not being true to who we really are. Something in us senses that. Something in us also senses what it means to be a phony spiritualist. Thank God!

To be true to who we really are is to start to wake up to what has kept us in a deep slumber of mechanical living. We begin to find that a huge percentage of our activities, in reality, are meaningless movements in harmony with nothing of real substance. Something does not ring true in these activities, something is false. Furthermore, mechanical presentations of living a better life (by psychologically sleeping individuals claiming to have seen through the ego for instance) have nothing of lasting value within themselves. Finally and thankfully, we find that a deep seeded honesty can be cultivated to see through all that is false. Therein is the start of Higher understanding and beautiful harmonious living.

This inner-honest approach may be considered a challenging and difficult way, but taking this way results in immeasurable personal gratitude and good cheer for at last we have discovered the notes and chords which strike a resounding ring of harmony. This is the inner music of truly joyful living. This is the Truth that sets you free!

Copyright 2008 © Mark L. Butler
Mark and Linda Butler founded Eagle Literary Foundation in 1994. For over 20 years Mark has authored several articles and spoken on the topics of which he writes at seminars and groups in California, Nevada, Oregon, Washington, Arizona, Texas and Idaho. He currently holds weekly meetings on Wednesdays see ad in this issue.


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