Do You Really Want Out? – Connie M. Butler

Can you stop screaming for help?
Can you let your life just flow?
Can you look at your anger without feeling guilty?
Can you stand there with nowhere to go?
Can you see that there is no one there
To protect, to defend, to compare?
Can you see that the image you have of yourself
Is illusion – a burden you bear?
Don’t you see what a burden it is to pretend
To be someone you know that you’re not
When something within you begs for the end
Of this act with no meaning or plot?
Oh, what a burden it is to live up to
The labels you’ve chosen to wear.
Can you let them go out of your life,
Stand there empty and lost and not care?
Do you really want out of the mess that you’re in
But ask “What is there left to try?”
Can you see that the answer lies there in the question?
The trying itself must die!

Copyright 2007 © Connie M Butler


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