There Is Another Way – Connie M. Butler

Who am I? Where am I going?
These questions have I pondered.
In search of the answers
Many paths have I wandered –
Churches, doctors, spiritual groups,
Tongues, meditation,
Prayed to a god ‘out there’
Who loves with reservation.
Each new path I wandered
Led me further astray.
With deep despair I soon cried out,
Is there no other way?
Am I to live all my life
In conflict and confusion?
Is the hope for something more
Only an illusion?

And then one day I heard a voice
Which stirred something within.
It said there is a way out
Of this prison that I’m in.
It promised no rewards in heaven
Nor threatened hell for sinners.
Here there are no losers
Nor are there any winners.
There is no good, there is no bad,
There is no you and me.
Only thought divides our minds.
From thought we can be free.

We have ideas of who we are
And these are great in number.
They take us over one by one
And keep us in our slumber.
Each one has it’s opposite
With which it must change places.
The thrill of yesterday’s excitement
Boredom soon replaces.
Our thoughts keep us divided,
Keep our images in place.
These images we fear to lose
For the emptiness we’d face
Could we but face this emptiness
And let our minds be still,
In the emptiness and stillness
Would we know the One True Will.

Copyright 2007 © Connie M Butler


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