Through Space & Time – Rebecca L. Butler

If I could see the course of thee
What I would give to know
Reason falls to mystery
Until you lay below

So wander I through life naïve
Anticipations well
For what you hide so cleverly
I fear will never tell

Oh keeper of the imminent
I’ll chase you ‘till I die
With all my strength I can’t surrender
Still and rest in time

Goddess of temptation- ever
Feeding my delusion
I graze like sheep on your deceit
Until my absolution

Oh ruler of this hungry heart
Dreams are my one relief
Yet dreams do pass, awake alas!
Truth rests in firm belief

Thus bound am I to pondering
Through this familiar sea
I strain to grow, in vain I know
How wake this sleeping seed?

And when the shadow overwhelms
My soul beyond all hope
I’ll humble there in my despair
And wait ‘till you unfold

But lo! The answer is within:
I am this destiny
When fear invades, I’m swept away
Forsaking sanctity

I must admit and live in you
Resistance is a crime,
You who are my absolute:
This life through space and time.

Copyright 2004 © Rebecca L Butler


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